The below guide walks you through the detailed steps of how to manage your menu once you are on our SpotOn Direct Sync integration.

How to Update Menu Item Name

Go to Menu Items → Select the menu item to update

Scroll down to Pricing → Update price → Click on 'X'

How to Update Menu Item Price and Availability

For quick edits to menu item price/availability, use the Menu Items Bulk Editor function

Select Organization → Location

In the Menu Bulk Editor → Go to Menu Group in which the Item you’d like to edit exists

Find the Item → Update price in the Price Standard column

Update availability in the Available column by unchecking/checking the corresponding box

Note: This will update the base price in your POS. If you have Price Elevation set in the Menu Manager, the elevation percentage will apply to this new base price.

How to Update Modifiers within Modifier Group

Select Modifier Groups → Find Modifier Group to edit in left hand column

To add a modifer → Select Add Modifier

Find the modifier to add → Click ‘OK’

To Edit a Modifier, select the Modifier → Select Edit

This will take you to the edit screen for the modifier item → make edits accordingly

To Remove a Modifier, select the “-” next to the modifier you would like to remove

Select Yes to confirm the edit

Updating Item Description and Images

To add menu item descriptions as you would like them to appear online:

Go to respective Items under Menu Items → Scroll to Online Ordering SettingsDescription → Enter description 

To update an item image, go to the Menu Item > Scroll to Extra Information > Choose Image

Upload the Image and Save

How to Set Regular Hours

Note: This needs to be managed from the Menu Management Portal

Click on Hours > Click on Regular Hours > Click on Edit > Update the hours as needed