After you have created a brand and a location in the ItsaCheckmate Portal, there are six steps that need to be completed before the location can be set as live.

The six steps for onboarding are:

  1. Location Onboarding form

  2. POS Credential verification

  3. Location Setup

  4. Menu Building and Mapping OR Menu Review

  5. Payment and Dining options

  6. Confirm and go live

Location Onboarding form

The location onboarding form is a detailed questionnaire which asks for general location information, POS system being used, Ordering Platforms with which you wish to integrate, menu specific questions, prices, taxes etc.

The ownership of this task lies with the customer.

POS Credential Verification and Location Setup

In the next two steps, the ItsaCheckmate team will use the POS information provided on the Onboarding form and will work with your POS partner to set up your location and ensure a seamless integration.

The ownership of these two tasks lie with the ItsaCheckmate team.1

Menu Building and Mapping

For all non-Toast customers, this step involves the menu being mapped in our system and built on the ordering platform (if applicable) by our menu mapping team.

The ownership of this task would fall with the ItsaCheckmate team.

Menu Review

For Toast customers ONLY, Step 4 is the Menu Review step where you review the menu that was synced from your Toast POS system, make changes in real time as necessary, and approve every element of the menu.

The menu review is a 6 step process. There are videos and help modals added along the way to help you understand each step.

STEP 1 - Menu Name - In this step, you will review the menu name and confirm if it's as per your requirement. If the menu name(s) appear as you’d like them to online, you will click on APPROVE which will take you to the next step. If however, you want to change the menu names, you will have to make the change(s) in your Toast POS and send an email to

STEP 2 - Menu Categories - The next step requires you to review the menu categories. If the menu categories appear as you’d like them to online, you will click on APPROVE. If there are some changes that you want to be made in the menu category name, you can make and publish the changes in your POS and then click on ‘Sync with POS’. Post sync, the changes will be reflected in the menu.

STEP 3 - Items and Prices - Step 3 of the menu review is for you to verify if all the items and their prices are as per your requirements. The items and prices would be here as per the POS. If you requested a price elevation percentage to be applied, it would be reflected as well. We also check if the location serves alcohol at this stage. If yes, we request you to add alcohol/ non alcohol tags within your POS.

If you want to make any changes to the prices or the item name, you can make and publish the changes in your POS and consequently click on ‘Sync with POS’.

STEP 4 - Modifier groups and modifiers - This step requires that you approve the modifier groups and modifiers as well as the minimum and maximum set for a modifier group. Any changes to be made will have to be made within the POS as in previous steps.

STEP 5 - Business Hours - Step 5 allows you to set your business hours within the portal. As per the hours management, you can set regular hours by day of the week as well as any special hours / holiday hours. You can also set up kitchen prep time in this section.

STEP 6 - Final confirmation - The final step allows you to confirm that you have reviewed the menu and approve it. As you click on complete, the menu review step gets completed.

The ownership of this Menu Review task lies with the customer.

Payment and Dining options setup

Payment and dining options setup is the step where we map the payment options as well as the dining options from your POS to your orders. Within the Onboarding Portal, we have included multiple videos to help you complete the task.

The ownership of this step depends on which POS you are using. If you are using Toast, Brink, Revel, Heartland, SpotOn or Clover, its a customer facing step. However, if you are not using any of these POSs, its a ItsaCheckmate step.

Confirm and Go live

The last step is for our Go Live Specialist who will coordinate with you directly to schedule your integration go live date. On the go live date, the Go Live Specialist will turn on the integration and send a test order (this is ordering platform dependent).

The ownership for this step lies with ItsaCheckmate.

1 Clover and Square require Customer to complete the POS Credential verification step