General Log In

How to Log in to Clover using valid credentials

Open the URL > Enter the Login Credentials

Menu Management: Items

How to Add an Item

  1. Go to Inventory

  2. Select Items

  3. Click on Add Items

  4. Enter new item name under Item name* field

  5. Update Price

  6. Click on Continue

  7. Update other details as Taxes & fees

  8. Ensure to always Check on Show on POS for online visibility

  9. Tag Category, Modifier Groups, Alternate name & Stock

  10. Click on Save


Note: You can bulk update item visibility from the Items screen by checking/unchecking On POS

How to Remove/Delete an Item

Go to Inventory > Select Items > Enter Item name under Search Item field > Click on the Item 

Click on 3 Dots icon in upper righthand corner > Select Delete > Select Delete Item

How to Add/Edit an Item Description

Item descriptions need to be added directly in the ItsaCheckmate Menu Management Portal.

Log in to the Menu Management Portal > Click on Menu Management > Click on Item

Click on Pencil Icon underneath the item