Follow this process for updating your menus:

  1. Add new items(modifiers) or make changes to existing items(modifiers) in your POS  *It is critical to complete this first before moving on to Step 2 - Do NOT skip this step *

  2. Add the same items(modifiers) or make the same changes within the Menu Management Portal

  3. Additions/Changes will be added to the ‘Request Queue’ for mapping

  4. Our support team will map the items within 24-48 hours and PUSH the changes to the ordering platforms

Note: If you also have Non-API integrated menus → our support team will manually add the items(modifiers) or make the changes within the ordering platform merchant portal and map the items within 24-48 hours and notify you once the mappings are completed 

*This can only be done for menus for which we have full editing access - if not, you must request the item additions/changes directly from the respective ordering platform support and ‘cc’ ItsaCheckmate support

**Refer to the Menu Management Portal section of the Knowledge Base for in-depth tutorial videos for the menu management portal