How to Update Menu Item Name

Go to Products → Select the menu item to update and update the name as needed → Click Save

How to Update Menu Item Price and Availability

Price updates are made within your POS — they are NOT made within our menu management portal.

To update prices:

Step 1: Go to Products → Select the menu item to update and update price as needed

Step 2: To set mark item as PERMANENTLY unavailable, uncheck the Active Box.

For quick edits to menu item price/availability, you can Bulk Edit items directly from the Products screen.

NOTE: This will update the base price in your POS. If you have Price Elevation set in the Menu Manager, the elevation percentage will apply to this new base price.

How to Temporarily Mark an Item as Sold Out/86’d

Marking Items/Modifiers as Sold Out/86’d should be done within the ItsaCheckmate Menu Management Portal.

Step 1: Toggle the Available button and it will then mark the item as sold out (default is 1 day). Click on down arrow to display other sold-out options — up to 7 days or Indefinite

Step 2: Click on Push to Online Platform(s)

NOTE: The item will be marked as sold out for the number of days specified.

Marking Modifier(s) Out of Stock

Step 1: Follow the same steps if you want to mark a modifier as out of stock, starting with double clicking on the item photo to display the modifiers.

Step 2: The list of modifiers available within the selected item will display.

Step 3: Select the (#) Modifiers dropdown to expose the modifiers within the modifier group.

Step 4: Toggle on the modifier(s), you want to mark as out of stock.

Step 5: Make sure to click Push to Online Platforms or else the changes will not take effect.

Click to watch the tutorial video

Video link:

How to Update Modifiers within Modifier Group

Step 1: Go to Modifiers → Find Modifier Group to edit 

Step 2: To Remove a Modifier, uncheck the Active Box next to the modifier you wish to remove

To Add a Modifier → Click on + Add Modifier

Step 3: Enter New Modifier Name & Price (Ensure the Active Box is checked)

Step 4: Click on Save