Employee profiles can be linked to multiple establishments. The benefits of linking an employee:
  • Employees keep the same Point of Sale PIN across all establishments
  • You don't have to create a new employee entry per each establishment
  • Employees can have different roles and wages set per establishment

To link an employee to an additional establishment:

  1. Go to the establishment you have already linked the employee (existing).
  2. Go to the Employees tab.
  3. Click the
    icon next to the employee you wish to link:

  4. Once you're in the Employee Details page, click the Establishment tab at the very top of the Management Console so the hierarchy tree open. Then, click the establishment you want to link the employee to:

  5. After you've clicked on the desired establishment, you'll still be on the Employee Details page. Scroll down to the Initial Role field and select the employee's role from the drop-down menu: