In order to provide ItsaCheckmate proper access to your POS, it is required that you:

  1. Create a New Employee named ItsaCheckmate Integration (DO NOT CHANGE)

  2. Add the ItsaCheckmate integration in the Toast backend under the “My Integrations” section

Creating a New Employee in the Toast backend

  1. Go to “Labor” section and click on “Employees”

2. Click on “+Add Employee” in the top left-hand corner

3. Switch ‘Invite to backend?’ to Yes

4. Enter the following information exactly as it appears below:

First name:  ItsaCheckmate

Last name: Integration (DO NOT CHANGE)


5. Assign a job that has full access to your Toast backend so we can review the settings and audit orders after the integration goes live. Normally, this would be Owner or Admin

6. Click Add to complete the process.  **If you were successful, you will see a confirmation from Toast on the screen stating that an email has been sent to the new user.

Adding the ItsaCheckmate Toast Integration

Go to Integrations > My Integrations section, search for ItsaCheckmate and select Add Now.

Please note that Toast adds an additional $25 monthly fee to your Toast account upon completion of this request.

For more instructions, refer to