How to Update Existing Menu Item Name or Price

Go to Items → Search for the Item you’d like to update

Click into Item or the pencil to the left of Item you’d like to update

Update the Item name, price, etc and click OK

How to Update Modifiers within Modifier Group

Go to Modifier Groups → Search for the Modifier Group you’d like to edit

Click into the Modifier Group or the pencil to the left of it to update

To remove modifier from modifier group

Find the modifier to remove and click the 'X' next to that modifier → Click OK

To add modifier to existing modifier group

Select Add Item

Find the modifier you would like to add in the Search Bar

Select the modifier → Click OK

In the main Edit Modifier Group window → Click OK again

How to Update Item Photo

Although item photos can be updated within Brink as noted above, the Brink to Ordering Platform sync does not support photo updates presently. Therefore, item photos MUST BE UPDATED DIRECTLY IN THE CHECKMATE MENU MANAGEMENT PORTAL at this time by performing the following steps:

Log in to the menu management portal

Go to Menu Management

Click on the image icon next to the item for which you’d like to add/update a photo

Select the image of your choice, by searching and selecting the image from your library or you may choose to drag and drop the desired file from your desktop in the highlighted area and select Save.

Photos are updated instantly in the portal

NOTE: Do not forget to push changes to the Ordering Platforms or the changes will not take effect.

How to Update Item Description

Go to Menu ItemsSearch Item Name (to add description) → Go to Description tab → Enter Description → Click OK

How to Mark Item as Sold Out

Marking items as sold out or (86’d) must be done in the Checkmate Menu Management portal. Follow the same steps if you want to mark a modifier as out of stock.

Find the item you would like to mark as sold out.

Toggle the Available button and it will then mark the item as sold out (default is 1 day). Click on down arrow to display other sold-out options - up to 7 days or Indefinite

Click on Push to Online Platform(s) to have the changes reflected on your Ordering Platforms.

NOTE: The item will be marked as sold out for the number of days specified.

Updating Delivery Hours in the Menu Management Portal

Click on Hours > Regular Hours > Edit

Update the hours as needed and click Save

Click on Push to Ordering Platforms or the updates will not take effect.

Updating Special/Holiday Hours in the Menu Management Portal

Click on Hours > Special/Holiday Hours > Edit > +Add Special/Holiday Hours

Enter Special Day/Holiday Name > Date > Open/Close

*If you choose ‘Open’, set hours next in the ‘Open’ and ‘end time’ fields. 

Use the ‘+’ to establish and set more than one time range for a particular day

Click Save when completed