Toast Auto-Firing

If orders are not auto-firing into Kitchen/KDS:
On POS terminal, select Toast icon on ONE terminal > Go to Device Set Up > select “YES” for “Order Auto Fire” on ONE tablet or POS only
NOTE: All other terminals > Select “NO” for this prompt

Toast Printer Routing

If your integrated orders are not printing at your Kitchen Printer, follow these steps in your Toast back end;

Step 1: Go to Menu > Advanced Properties

Step 2: Select Show/Hide > Check Prep Stations so item Prep Stations are visible

Step 3: Ensure that all items in your integrated menu(s) have the correct Prep Station assigned to them

You can verify your Printer Routing by Prep Station under Kitchen/Dining Room > Prep Stations

KDS Settings

To troubleshoot integrated orders not displaying on your KDS, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the Toast icon in the top left corner of the KDS screen, scroll down to the 

Setup section and select Device Setup.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Kitchen Setup section and verify whether Kitchen Expediter is set to Yes

Step 3: Select the Ticket Display Options setting and ensure ALL DINING OPTIONS (that you wish to display on the KDS) are enabled.