How to Update Menu Item Name 

Go to Edit Menus > Select the corresponding Menu > Select the corresponding Group > Find the Item in the list of items 

Hover to the right of Item for pencil to appear > Click on the pencil > Edit item name 

How to Delete a Menu Item 

Go to Edit Menus > Select the corresponding Menu > Select the corresponding Group 

In the Items section > Select Edit 

Select the ‘X’ next to the item you wish to remove 

Click Done 

How to Update Menu Item Price 

Go to Edit Menus > Select the corresponding Menu > Select the corresponding Group > Find the Item in the list of items 

Click on the current Price box > Update Price > Click ENTER 

NOTE: This will update the base price in your POS. If you have Price Elevation set in the Menu Manager, the elevation percentage will apply to this new base price. 

How to Disable Item from Ordering Platforms Permanently 

To set item so that it DOES NOT appear on the ordering platforms menu, go to the Item > Scroll to “Visible To” section > Uncheck “Online orders: Ordering partners” 

The item will remain in the menu but will not appear on the ordering platform. 

How to Mark an Item as Sold Out (86’d) 

Items should be marked as Out of Stock within Toast 

Step 1 - Go to Edit Menus > Select the corresponding Menu > Select the corresponding Group > Find the Item in the list of items 

Step 2 - Scroll down to Advanced Properties > Inventory 

Step 3 - Mark the item as Out of Stock 

Step 4 - Click Save 

*This process can be done for Items and Modifiers following the same steps above 

NOTE: ItsaCheckmate polls your POS every 5 minutes to check item stock status. If an item’s status has changed to Out of Stock, our system will update the item and mark it as sold out on all API integrated ordering platforms 

How to Update Modifiers within Modifier Group 

Go to the Item Group or Item to which the Modifier Group belongs 

Go to the Modifier Group that you’d like to edit - Edit Modifier Group Name, Required? status, Multi-select, and Min Max directly from this view 

To edit modifiers within the group > Click on Modifier Group you’d like to edit 

Scroll down to bottom of modifier list and click on + Add / Edit / Alphabetize based on the edits you’d like to make 

Click + Add to add brand new item to modifier group - Use the drop down (down arrow) to the right of + Add to add an item that already exists in your item database 

Click Edit to edit any of the modifier names or prices that already appear in the Modifier Group 

Click Alphabetize to alphabetize the items within the group 

Updating Item Photo and Description 

To Update Photo > Click on the Item for which you’d like to update the photo > Go to Image below Advanced Properties > Choose Image and upload the image 

To Update Description > Click on the Item for which you wish to update the description > Go to Description below Advanced Properties > Enter Description in the text box 

Click Save 

Updating Delivery Hours in the Menu Management Portal 

Updating Special/Holiday Hours in the Menu Management Portal 

Click on Hours > Special/Holiday Hours > Edit 

Click +Add Special/Holiday Hours 

Enter Name > Date > Select Close (to be closed all day) or set Special Hours in the time range fields (Open & end time) 

To add multiple time ranges within one day select ‘+’ to expose additional time range fields 

Click Save 

Make sure to click on Push to Ordering Platforms or the updates will not take effect. 

Note: This feature is only currently available for Uber Eats and DoorDash. Postmates will be available shortly. 

Updating Kitchen Prep Time 

Go to Hours > Kitchen Prep Time > Edit to access and Edit the prep times. 

Default Prep Time 

The system will automatically show the Ordering Platforms that support prep time and allows you to set a default prep time. 

Set the Default Prep Time and click Save.

Time Specific Prep Time 

If you have integrated ordering platforms that allow for time-specific prep time, you will have the option to uncheck the “use default prep times” button which will expand the days of the week. 

Step 1 - Uncheck Use Default Prep Time 

Step 2 - Set Day Prep Time for each day of the week as you would like 

Step 3 - To set Prep Time based on time of day, check By Time Period 

a. Enter start time and end time 

b. Set prep time next to that time range 

c. Select ‘+’ to add more time ranges for that day 

Step 4 - Repeat above steps for each day of the week 

Step 5 - Click Save when finished

For Ordering Platforms that do NOT support time-specific prep times, their logo will appear below the Default Prep Time section and will only use the default time which applies to all days of the week. 

For Ordering Platforms that DO support time-specific prep times and for which time-specific prep times are set, their logo will appear below the Time Specific Prep Time section making it easier to distinguish which OP is using which type of prep time 

Marking the Location Online/Offline in Menu Management Portal 

You can mark the location or respective delivery platform(s) to appear offline/ online with the click of a button. 

Make sure to click Push to Online Platforms when you make any change(s), or else the changes will not take effect. 

Final Step: Pushing Changes to the Ordering Platforms 

Once all updates are made in your Toast back end, to update the ordering platforms: 

Confirm that all changes have been published in Toast 

While ItsaCheckmate syncs with Toast EVERY HOUR, if you wish to have changes reflected immediately, go to Menu Management Portal and Select ‘Sync with POS’ – the sync normally takes between 5-10 minutes. Once completed, select ‘Push to Online Platforms’ 

*NOTE: Our system will only sync if there is a change to the menu and will only push out to the ordering platforms once the sync occurs.

Check out our full Toast POS Menu Management Manual HERE!