Not all of our integrated ordering platforms are using our Menu api quite yet. For those platforms, changes need to be made within the individual ordering platform portal and coordinate menu changes with our support team as needed by emailing

Please follow these steps in order to make changes:

  1. Add new items(modifiers) or make changes to existing items(modifiers) in your POS.    *It is critical to complete this first before moving on to Step 2 - Do NOT skip this step *

  2. Email the changes to

  3. Our support team will manually add the items(modifiers) or make the changes within the ordering platform merchant portal and map the items within 24-48 hours and notify you once the mappings are completed  *This can only be done for menus for which we have full editing access - if not, you must request the item additions/changes directly from the respective ordering platform support and ‘cc’ ItsaCheckmate support

  4. The changes will then be active on the ordering platform menu

 *Note: Menu edits for 10 items or more may take longer than 24-48 hours